Once upon a grime…

First blog post in history, so I thought of Dizzee Rascal‘s line: ‘I’ve seen a lot of bullshit, wondering what’s next’.

I remember he and Scope started the gig with the song ‘Sittin Here’ back in 2003 or 2004, when he performed in Hamburg – Schlachthof (now Knust) in front of 20-40 people and I will never forget what happend last year, when Newham Generals opened for Dizzee on his ‘Tongue and Cheek’ tour in Hamburg – Übel & Gefährlich with more than 1000 people, and I realised that 970 people had no slightly idea who Newham Generals was, even though they’ve been representing from day one. Maybe it was ignorant of me, suspecting to see grime fans on a Dizzee Rascal concert nowadays.

Some say grime is dead, hardliners believe it will be there forever and I think the motivation just chang£d.

Enough with philosophy, cause this is not the reason why we here.

Since this post is called ‘once upon a grime’, best thing to do is to kick it off with an old tune, that bring up old memories. As an Akan we believe in Sankofa – learn from the past, for a better future, which means we are not only going to post old stuff, but still ‘It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten’.

Enjoy and do not forget to share!


K!11@ K

Visuals by Wayne Liu

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