First of all…

Sorry to everyone who wasn‘t able to enter the event, due to some politics that kicked off at the door soon as we started the whole thing. Lets just don‘t waste any more valuable time on some ignorant and unnecessary bollocks.

‘Life is just too short and you gots to keep it moving…’

For all of you who were lucky to attend the party, we hope you had a great time. We tried to bring you something new, fresh, special and I think that energy was there.

Even though a few expected more Grime or Hip Hop, overall we had a nice mixture of everything and the feedback was still positive. Filthy Thrill was ridiculously mad and I was surprised to see so many people raving, skanking, hair-tossing

or just being astonished in particular by the Goonstep sound which someone even described as hypnotizing ,9mm sound‘.

The Brum Goonies really  mashed up the place, when they took over and the whole mandem are endlessly thankful, that everything (beside the trouble at the entrance) went down the way it needed to. Furthermore we want to thank Robeasy and Me and My Monkey for directing the people in the right way. Last but not least, thank you Mdr!1

MDR – BirmingHamburg

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