Bel Me…

Life is a journey

Travellin Man

I decided to do a mini euro tour and stranded on my first stop in Amnesiasterdam. After a couple cups of ‘coffee’ at my brethrens favourite coffeeshop, we decided to head back to the hotel and have some gin before we went out to a club called Jimmy Woo, where DJ Abstract held one of his AFP nights, which stands for Abstract for president.

Legendary like Barneys…all I can say! The highlight of the whole night was not Chris Browns Ex-girlfriend (the one he punched) or tons of girls that looked even hotter, it was that one song where several people grabbed their mobile phone and started pretending chating, called ‘Bel Me’ originally by HydroBoyz and now remixed by DJ Darkshot.


AFP @ Jimmy Woo

I showed the song to a few peeps so far and everyone is diggin it, even one of our favourite mc’s MDR is ready to jump on it. Definitely need to get a hand on that riddim and Amsterdam is definitely still one of those epic cities with everlasting energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t forget ‘bel niet voor zomaar man!’

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