Line them up…


Currently in the UK, checking out a couple events. Fabric last friday was mad. Unfortunately my phone ran out of battery 5 min. after we entered the venue. This is the only graphical material we can provide ya. We were busy raving anyways, so who gives a fuck? If you want more footage, go ahead and contact CCTV.

We entered Butterz around 1 am and thought the line-up was ridiculous.
Champion hit us with his unmistakable sound and immediately had us skanking. Check the following link, if you never heard of the Champion Sound:

Couldn’t wait to see Logan Sama live for the first time and as we expected, he was no dissapointment. He and Kozzie had the crowd wilin’ out, since Logan didn’t hesitated long and played the tunes you wanna hear as a true grime fan.
Check out Kozzie’s grime anthem ‘Destruction’:

Also check:
– Terror Danjah @ Myspace
– Elijah & Skilliam @ Mixcloud
– Swindle @ Myspace

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